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 Posted: Sun Sep 12th, 2010 03:51 am
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I've been trying hard to figure out if some obscure law applied that could be used to force the reverend to stop his plan. I came up with some charge of reckless endangerment, because I feel that if this man had gone forward with his irresponsible act, it would have endangered countless numbers of Americans here and abroad.

That said, he probably cannot be stopped before he burns the Korans, only if he actually does it. I can't think of a law that could be applied before he had his little bon fire.

I'm sure there were fire laws. Some experts said that burning books releases toxic chemicals from the ink, but still he would have to actually committ the act to be charged.

This situation is tricky in our country of freedom of expression. It is a relief that this buffoon looked to his "better angles" and decided to cancel this foolish act. Hopefully he will never have a change of heart.

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