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 Posted: Sat Oct 2nd, 2010 06:02 am
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We can be forgiving when a repentant butthead redeems himself by winning games.

Call me what you'd like, but I will never see a hero in someone who would treat dogs like that. And it's not just the dogs; it's the insensitivity.

So, okay, he says he's sorry. And he didn't grow up with my father climbing on his butt. I'll give him that. I simply cannot countenance that hurting animals can be a game. Different strokes, I'll guess, but I will never understand why.

I'm not a greener or Peta (People Eating Tender Animals), I like my beef rare and squirming, but bear-baiting, bullfightiing, cockfighting, dogfighting, et alii, just raise my gorge. I find very little to forgive in that sort of activity.

It's one thing to harvest them (have dominion and all that). It's quite another to torture them. Vic has a tall ladder to climb to get back up to where I won't blow snot on him.

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