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 Posted: Mon Oct 4th, 2010 01:11 am
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I stand by my words. I do not forgive because he wins games and scores touchdowns. I forgive because, as I said before, he admitted his guilt, paid the price, and is now working to get back to the top of his craft. He spends legitimate time talking to kids about his horrible mistakes.

Somewhere back in the late 1700's-early 1800's there was a white kid from Alabama that treated his dogs better than he treated his family's slaves. He had no concerns about the atrocities imposed on these human beings. Many have decided to forgive this kid, calling him a product of his environment and honor his memory. Now there is a black kid from Virginia that one wishes to blow snot on, and another would like to kill if it wasn't illegal. Too bad if he is a product of his environment, too. He will never be worthy of forgiveness.

Maybe Vick is all about the PR. I don't know. He seems to be doing the right things as far as I'm concerned. And like I said - I'm not the final judge. And I don't care one iota about his team. I bleed CU Buffalo black and gold on Saturdays and Bronco orange and blue on Sundays.

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