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 Posted: Tue Oct 5th, 2010 03:44 pm
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I think the deal is that he was even capable of strangling, beating, shooting, buring alive, and setting dogs on fire. The enjoyment of dogs ripping eachother apart for amusement is bad enough but to imagine a person who is capable of this, does not belong in a position to be a role model.

He says he has changed. I am a PETA member but his actions were dispicable and inhuman to pretty much everyone. But people can change. Did he do enough time? No. Should he be back to recover his life as he left it and play football again? No. But it is what it is. As long as he puts him time into talking other little punk gangster into not dogfighting then I'm ok with it. I don't like him and never will. But what more could he possibly do other then what he is doing to prove he's changed? He's at least trying. And for what its worth, the guy disgusts me, but he can't take back what he's done. He can only move foward. I wish the NFL would have stuck to the rules of ejecting him because he committed a felony...but money always wins.

I'm in no way supporting him or saying I like him. Cruelty to anyone regardless of species is deplorable and unacceptable. But, we have to accept the situation as it is because its not going away. He's always going to be the ruthless dogfighting scumbag who beats and kills animals because they can't fight back. IE, gangster coward.

"I did not come here for the purpose of surrending my command." Forrest, Fort Donelson
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