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 Posted: Fri Oct 15th, 2010 09:39 pm
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I have to admit this makes no sense to me. It's actually the first I've heard about it. What possible rational could Sherman have for what appears to be a rather senseless move? I can't see any.

During the march, he had to come across hundreds of factories and manufactoring sites - why single out these women? Look, I agree with Sherman that war is hell and I would have no problem with sending the women home and burnig the mill to the ground. But on so many levels what he did doesn't make sense. Certainly doesn't on a humanitarian level. And why use scarce available infrastructure to accomplish it? Even on a military scale -why on earth would you send hundreds of hostile (with good reason after this move) "enemy" civilians behind your own lines to be released into the population. Sure seems like a bone-head move to me.

I just don't get it. Anyone run across any primary sources for this? The New Georgia Encyclpedia uses only secondary sources.

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