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 Posted: Wed Oct 27th, 2010 06:10 pm
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The decesion is certainly up to the locals. I personally do not approve of casinos, but will acknowledge that they would produce some local employment and tax revenue. I am concerned from a public safety stand point as the Eisenhower complex is out of town how will police and fire responses to the boro be affected.  There are studies that show that casino type operations require more response by EMT and police than other venues. This is because of the combination of alcohol, excitement and other factors. The age demographics of casinos also are skewed toward older persons due to age restrictions which keep kids out. So the odds of aid for heart attack, stroke, or diabeties for that type venu is higher than say a water park.

The locals can require the operators to suppliment the funding of services to compensate for the added need. If they make it a part of the requirements for licensing. We as outsiders have no control over that. My wife and I are only in jepordy when we go to Gettysburg. The locals are victims of longer police and fire responses every day of their life. So they will reap the bounty or pay the price.      

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