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 Posted: Fri Oct 29th, 2010 08:56 am
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In the superstitions of the British Isles there is there belief in the Black Dog, an ennormous dog with glowing eyes. To see the dog is an ill omen as it means you'll die next. In Ghosts and Haunts of the Civil War Mr. Coleman reveals that among the folks of Celtic descent there was also a Black Boar of Doom whose sighting meant the same thing.

Apparently during the war there were reports from several Confederate regiments in the Western theater about just such a thing. One regiment in particular, a cavalry unit operating in southeaster Missouri, claimed they were haunted by a Black Boar of Doom. Whenever a cavalry trooper saw it the men of the unit knew he was going to die within the next seven days. Usually in action or as the result of a recent action. It was described as being monsterous in appearance; a huge boar, black as night with burning coals for eyes.

Naturally there's always folks who don't believe in ghosts and who mock those who do. One trooper saw the Black Boar of Doom and mocked his fellow troopers. To him it was nothing more than an over grown, black razorback. And shortly after his seeing the beast the unit was involved in a major battle. The trooper came through th battle unscathed, something that he had to brag about to his friends because he'd seen the beast and come through the battle unharmed. Obviously there was no such thing if he could survive such a battle when all said the beast spelled his doom.

Or was there? The following evening he and his friends were going over some captured weapons they'd taken in the battle, inspecting them. One of the men had captured a self-cocking, double-action revolver of a new make and model. The man wasn't familar with it's workings and so accidentally discharged the weapon. The bullet struck the skeptic in the head, a kill shot. All within seven days of the man seeing the Black Boar of Doom.

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