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 Posted: Wed Nov 1st, 2006 11:18 pm
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I was taking a walk on the battlefield at Monocacy with my sister in July.  We were on one of the park's walking trails.  There had been very heavy rains, and flooding, just two weeks earlier.  Well, we found several bones--we were on the trail--not purposely "relic hunting".  We put them in a pail to soak in water back at her apartment in Frederick.  The next day I went back to Monocacy (without the bones) but I told one of the park rangers about finding the bones.  I was going to get the bones to show them if they wanted to see them.  The ranger seemed uninterested and said "they must be animal bones".  I recently matched them up to a human skeleton in our local high school science classroom.  They match arm, leg, and shoulder bones exactly.  In fact, one bone is cut, like an amputation.  I'm wondering what to do with them now.   I travel to historic sites frequently and spend many weekends and holidays placing flowers on Revolutionary War and Civil War soldiers' graves and monuments in many cemeteries and battlefields.  Anyway, any suggestions about what I should do about these bones?

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