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 Posted: Sun Oct 31st, 2010 08:30 pm
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This comes from Ghosts abd Haunts of the Civil War.

Before the war, on Cedar Lane, Montgomery House was one of the mansions on the outskirts of Nashville. It had originally belonged to Mrs. Alexander Montgomery. She was a devout Confederate, so devout that when others left Nashville ahead of the approaching Federal army she was among the few who choose to stay. According to at least one Confederate vet, she didn't just stay when the North occupied the city, she remained long after her death.

One day a soldier from the provost marshal's office with orders that Mrs. Montgomery was to vacate her home within the next twenty-four hours. It was the desire of the military governor that Montgomery House was to be turned into a hospital. Being a devout Confederate, rather  than merely turn the house over as ordered she determined no to give it to the enemy. Rather, she'd burn the place down before they could have it. But first she stripped the house of all silver and other valuables, which were then buried in the rose garden of Montgomery House.

Once her mission to destroy her home was accomplished, she set free her slaves and set out along the Natchez Trace. This was to prove the end of Mrs.  Montgomery for as she was crossing no-man's land she found herself caught in the middle of a brief skirmish. Now how many know the story of The Legend of Sleepy Hollow. Of how the Hessian trooper whose head was carried away by a cannonball in some unnamed battle. You guessed it, this was Mrs. Montgomery's fate.

Local legend said that Mrs. Mongomery returned to the burned out shell of Mongomery house, a headless phantom of Ceadr Lane who those passingby would see wandering the grounds. Some said she was there to protect her treasure. And perhaps she was.

For you see, many years after the war some folks decided to find out if their was any through to the legend. They crept out  one night with shovels and slowly made their way to the ruins of the once magnificent house. Keeping an eye out for the phantom, they began digging in the now over grown rose garden. After a while they struck something in the dark. Holding up their lanterns to better see, they discovered a cache of silver and other treasures that had once belonged to Mrs. Montgomery. Most they sold for cash, but a few pieces they kept so as to verify that at least the buried treasure part of the story was true.

And what of the headless phantom? Legend says that once it was claimed by locals, and not by anyone from the North, Mrs. Mongomery was freed from this earthly coil to move on to the next realm.

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