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You also might want to check out the book, Charged With Treason: Ordeal of 400 mill workers during military operations in Roswell, Georgia, 1864-1865, by Michael D. Hitt.

Hitt is a former police officer from Roswell and it states on the book's jacket that he used those investigative skills to track down the Roswell women and the events that took place.

Hill makes the following comment in the end of his book:

"With the war over, most of the mill workers, charged with treason, returned home.  Samuel Farr and his family returned to Roswell and they are buried in the Roswell Methodist Cemetery.  Many others returned, according to S. H. Causey, a former Sweet Water Factory Employee:

"Great was the rejoicing when the smoke of battle had cleared, and by the end of the summer of 1865 practically all of them rejoined their husbands, fathers and sweethearts in their former Roswell and Sweetwater homes. soon as peace was declared they returned home, making the trip aboard the same train which had taken them north a year before. [208]""

[208] The Atlanta Journal, Magazine Section, February 28, 1932, p. 6.

Made for a very good read.



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