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 Posted: Tue Nov 2nd, 2010 12:52 pm
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Thanks for the info Old Blu. I looked your reference up in the OR and I think you are right... GEN Sherman seemed furious that the factory owners attempted to pull the wool over his eyes (sorry couldn't resist the pun), but it doesn't appear anyone was actually charged with treason. On page 92 Sherman informs the military authorities in Nashville that,

"I have ordered the arrest of the operators at the Confederate manufactories at Roswell and Sweet Water, to be sent North. When they reach Nashville have them sent across the Ohio River and turned loose to earn a living where they won't do us any harm. If any of the principals seem to you dangerous you may order them imprisoned for a time. The men were exempt from conscription by reason of their skill, but the women were simply laborers that must be removed from this district."

Thanks for the discussion all. This is very interesting stuff to me.


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