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 Posted: Tue Dec 14th, 2010 01:18 am
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Mark, You make an excellent point, and well taken!!

That's why I said 'every war, within the context of it's own time frame, was brutal"....the Mexican War was brutal in it's time, the Indian Wars, WWI, etc were brutal in their times.....Shoot, how brutal was the Iraqi war, looking at it from the Iraqi standpoitn. Though I haven't studied it, the news reports at the time all talked about Iraqi divisions no longer existing. What they didn't say was: A) Did they surrender?, B) Did they all run away, or C) Were they wiped out?.....Whatever the answer is, I am failry certain they suffered heavy casualties......brutal.....

I like what you said: "the Civil War was actually less brutal than the American wars that immediately preceded and followed it."........It kind of goes along with my comment: "my opinion now is: the CW wasn't any better or worse than any other war"

Thanks for the post!!

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