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 Posted: Sun Dec 26th, 2010 06:04 pm
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Well, tommorrow I go into the hospital, but I wanted something good to read on the laptop while I'm there. So...what did everyone get for Christmas. Since I'm being nosy, I'll start. I wanted kitchen gadgets, so I'm happy:
  • A very cool digital food prccessor with a 600 amp motor (eat your heart out Tim Taylor!)
  • A Seal-A Meal, which are much improved since the last one I owned. There's two of us, but I always seem to cook for 8. Much needed for leftovers.
  • A George Foreman family size inddor grill.
  • A new watch
  • Civilisation 5 PC game
  • Assortment of cheese from around the world.
  • An assortment of exotic bacon - a new one each month.
  • A Stephen King collection (yes, I like Stephen King, stop laughing!)
So I'm a happy troll - how about you?

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