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 Posted: Thu Nov 2nd, 2006 10:07 pm
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David, javal1 - I thought the same way prior to reading it.  Felt that I would get bogged down then stop but quite surprising really enjoyed it, not the subject matter.  Occasionally tedious but overall found it well worth it considering the time perod it was written.  H.B.S. is far more readable than some of the other 19th century writers.  Never even considered reading G.W.W.   1850's vs 1930's.  I found it interesting H.B.S. bringing up the topic of if the afro-americans would better off under slavery or free and the inherent problems associated with freedom.  Amazingly the north doesn't get off scott free in the book, many of the investors in the southern economy were eastern bankers, etc.  Plus their negative attitudes to a free black population in the north.  I can certainly see where afro-americans can criticize the character of Uncle Tom as subserviant but personally saw him as an extremely different person who believed strongly in his faith and convictions.  At one point when ordered to beat another slave by Simon Legree , Tom refused and was himself beaten.  Another topic - was the treatment of slaves different in the various parts of the south.  You might say they fared worse in the deep south - La, Ms, Ala but on the other hand is being separated from your family and sold down the river considered an improvement? 

David, now I know why my brothers textbooks (classics illustrated) at A&M were cheaper than mine.  Are you going to the OU game?  Hope you beatem.  Unfortunately you still have to finish with TU in Austin.


Doc C

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