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 Posted: Fri Jan 7th, 2011 05:40 pm
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Hank C-  Re: "The South IS certainly attempting to replace the current government with a new one."

  If you are referring to the 21st century rather than to the 19th with that statement, then my answer is:

  It seems that the southerners of 150 years ago outraged you by, according to you, not: "bowing to the ballot box." But now it seems that the southerners of today upset you by trying to use the ballot box to effect change.

  If you are referring to the 19th century and meant to say: "Was" rather than"Is," then my answer is:

  If the South had achieved its independence, the US Government would have continued to exist as before. All those states that were content to remain a part of it would have been free to do so. The southern states simply leaving the US would not have destroyed or replaced the US Government any more than the original 13 colonies leaving the British Empire destroyed or replaced the British Government.

  If the South had won the war, and instead of simply exercising sovereignty over its own territory, it then took over the US capitol and took control of the northern states, that would have constituted a destruction or replacement of the previous government.

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