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 Posted: Sat Jan 8th, 2011 04:58 pm
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Hank C-

  As I have previously attempted to explain, the southern leaders sought to withdraw from a compact made with the other states and to revert to their previous status as they believed that they had the right to do. Withdrawing from the United States Government was not the same thing as destroying it as an entity.

  As for the United States Government, it is not a democracy. It is a representative republic, where certain checks and balances on the various branches of government have been put into place. The representatives chosen by the people of the southern states (by means of the ballot box) debated the question of secession and most favored that course.

  I do not think that the word: "Outraged" is too strong a word to characterize your apparent disdain for the southerners of that day. In addition, your statement that they weren't interested in: "Bowing" to the ballot box (Seen in your statement on 06 January above) is a position that I do not share. While many southerners, prominent and not, opposed the idea of secession, I think it safe to maintain that most southerners of that day were in favor of cutting their political ties to the United States Government.

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