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 Posted: Mon Jan 10th, 2011 02:32 am
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Texas Defender wrote:  In addition, your statement that they weren't interested in: "Bowing" to the ballot box (Seen in your statement on 06 January above) is a position that I do not share. While many southerners, prominent and not, opposed the idea of secession, I think it safe to maintain that most southerners of that day were in favor of cutting their political ties to the United States Government.

Do you disagree that it is Lincoln's electoral victory ('at the ballot box') that leads to the secession of the first seven CSA states?

One could also propose that the 4-year Civil War leads to another 100-year civil war where one set of southerners attempts to secure their rights and another set tries to deny those rights.

The 2nd phase is closer to the definition of a true civil war: no battle lines, no armies, no rules...

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