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 Posted: Mon Jan 10th, 2011 03:47 am
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Hank C-

  Of course the election of Abraham Lincoln led to the secession of the first seven states that then decided to form the CSA. What caused the election of Mr. Lincoln was the splitting of the Democrat party. This led to his election with less than 40% of the vote. That was the final proof in the minds of many southerners that it was no longer to their advantage to remain connected to the northern states.

  Your: "proposal" of the existence of a "100 year civil war" in the south presumably along racial lines seems to imply that all was sweetness and light between the various races and ethnic groups everywhere else. This was certainly not the case. I could point out many instances of racial and ethnic strife, including extreme violence, that took place in locations in the US far from the boundaries of the former CSA states in the decades following the war. So while your criticism of inequities that took place in southern states from 1865-1965 is fair, your apparent implication that such things didn't happen elsewhere is not. They were characteristic of the society as a whole.

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