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 Posted: Mon Jan 10th, 2011 07:08 pm
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Texas Defender wrote: Hank C-

  Of course the election of Abraham Lincoln led to the secession of the first seven states that then decided to form the CSA. What caused the election of Mr. Lincoln was the splitting of the Democrat party. This led to his election with less than 40% of the vote. That was the final proof in the minds of many southerners that it was no longer to their advantage to remain connected to the northern states.

And the Democratic party split occurs in Charleston when the southern delegates walk out as their platform is voted down.


Another case of not respecting the ballot - and this time within their own party!


So the Southern Democrats leave the party, which loses the election and then they secede. Why not just secede in May 1860 after the convention?


Lincoln is 1 of 4 candidates. With an equal field, he should receive about 25% of the vote. In reality 40% of the population vote for him and his popular vote victory over the 2nd place vote-getter (Douglas) is the largest in history.


If anyone should complain it is Douglas, he tallies some 30% of the popular vote and barely made the electoral vote board...



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