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 Posted: Tue Jan 11th, 2011 09:49 pm
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I must confess that I have never really found a suitable conclusion to such a question in regards to this period of history.

Revolution does seem to indicate an overthrow of the current government, which the Southerners did not do...although that is what the Union eventually did to the Confederacy.

A Civil War more implies overt actions against citizens, by citizens of the same population. With the technicality that the Confederacy seceded, by all pretense, they were no longer of the same population (in their eyes).

I tend to look at it as some call it...the War of Southern Rebellion. That is to some degree what took place, although the War of Northern Aggression seem apropos.

The general consensus seems satisfied to call it the US Civil War, and while most of may disagree, that is what we must refer to it as in the larger context of the discussion.

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