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 Posted: Sun Jan 23rd, 2011 03:55 am
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Excellent point, Hellcat!!

Even Gen. Sherman didn't hate is well documented that he liked the Southern people and the South.....

I think soldiers develope a respect for one another. That respect, coupled with hardships of soldier life, being away from family, starting to wonder why they are fighting, wanting the war to be over....led to a mutual desire to just quit and go home. But, they couldn't do that, so the war had to be prosocuted. A good soldier did his duty, but a compasionate man recognized and sympathized and did what he could to help his fellow man, as far as circumstances would allow......

After the war, when reunions were held, I believe there was very little animosity among the Veterans of both sides......

Grant wasn't vindictive after the war, Lincoln didn't want to be vindictive after the war and most soldiers were just glad to be going home.....

Lee didn't hate the Yankees.....Forrest, in his farewell addres, admonished his troops to be good citizens.....Sure, there were politicians and some military leaders that wanted to fight a guerilla war.....There were a few "whack-jobs" (J W Booth, the James-Younger gang, ect) that refused to surrender, but I think most wanted peace......

Yes, there was hate after the war.....and that hate spawned modern hate groups. Who, in my opinion, are too ignorant to recognize that, in the end, we are all Americans.....

Who has a hatred, to this day, for Southerners???.....Do they hate Audie Murphey, Sgt York, Daniel Boone, Davey Crocket, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Andrew Jackson, Andrew Johnson, Elvis, ZZ Top, BB King, George Strait......solely because they are Southern???

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