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 Posted: Sun Jan 23rd, 2011 05:06 am
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The irony is that people don't stop to think about Washington being a Southerner. Or Jefferson. They think of them in terms of the Revolution. And I think to some extent that may be the thing, folks who were from the South but they came before the war they ignore what part of the country they were from, strictly speaking they were Americans pure and simple. Now it seems that division is more there in terms of politics for people to think of someone as being from the South. Otherwise it's just like "Oh their from the South. Hey, that's a nice bit of trivia." The division is still there to some extent, folks don't want to live in certain parts of the country just because of the views of that part of the country that they hold. Or they have a good laugh at some percieved view about that part of the country.

But when it comes to well known figures it seems the division is only still there when it comes to politicians. Others seem to use the division to their advantage, using the notions of where they came from (ie how people view the part of the country they actually may hail from or are currently living in when they become a celebrity) to their advantage. It seems there is more "Oh, their from that part of the country so they have no clue about anything" when you're talking politicians and some people are going to be more likely to vote against them just because of that.


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