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 Posted: Fri Nov 3rd, 2006 04:06 pm
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First of all - Regina, you made an error in judgement.  Then you fixed it. There's none of us who haven't made mistakes. You're doing the responsible thing now, and that's what counts. So I'll echo others in saying "relax", it's OK.

However as for Hank's comment that "It's not up to the folks in this forum to chastise or pass judgement after the NPS did", we'll have to agree to disagree. Some years ago, a soldier's bones were found potruding from the bank of the railroad cut in Gettysburg. If the visitor who made the discovery had approached a ranger who had dismissed them as "probably animal bones" would that have made it OK for the guy to take the bones home? Would all Civil War enthusiasts, and those interested in historical preservation, then be obligated not to tell the person it was a mistake because of perceived lack of diligence on one ranger's part? I don't think so, so I disagree with that statement.

But Regina - thanks for doing the right thing, and I hope you'll stick around for more pleasant conversations on the board.

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