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 Posted: Mon Jan 24th, 2011 04:33 am
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For the sake of discussion, I'll momentarily forego (until you respond, in which case I'll most likely see your point and agree!) that the latter 37 states were granted statehood (and thus, perhaps, compelled to remain in the Union)....Yet, the original 13 chose to be a part of the Union. If they choose to be in the Union, what would stop them from choosing to no longer be a part of the Union??.....To over-simplify, it's like getting married and then being forced to stay married......Sure, marriage is contractual, but to what extent is being a state contractual to the Union of states??.....

Could there ever be a reason for seccession??.....If not, why not??.....What if Alaska were compelled to relinquish it's gold and oil reserves, as well as other natural resources, in order to lower the tax burden of the lower 48 states?? (Of course, this would never happen, but, for the sake of discussion....)....The other 48 states use the resources of another, to the detrement of those in Alaska, why would Alaska not get upset and vote to become sovereign??.....

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