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 Posted: Mon Jan 24th, 2011 06:42 pm
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Albert Sailhorst wrote: When you say "granted statehood", does that mean after they had applied for statehood?

However, under Manifest Destiny, no territory, parcel of land, etc. would ever even have the chance of being soverign......Would they??.....(Texas, of course, does not apply, as it broke away from Mexico to begin with).

Thanks for your input!!

Yes, after they apply. Congress grants statehood and I Believe affirms the first state constitution.


Manifest Destiny is a policy or philosophy. The land still must be acquired by treaty, cash, or some other (quasi-) legal means. You are correct; the land initially belongs to the US so any state carved out of it is not sovereign, at least, not as we think the original 13 states were...

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