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 Posted: Wed Jan 26th, 2011 01:10 pm
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RE Lee forbid his troops from Guerilla war at the end. Five years later he said that was a mistake.  He never invisioned the malace the north would perpetrate on the south in reconstruction.  My personal experience is that my relatives whose parents had lived through the war were much more bitter about reconstruction than the war itself.  The war was a defeat of an army by an army .  Recostruction was vengeance by victors on the vanquished.  Thats why it is difficult for southerners to forget.  We are all US citizens and would defend the country to death.  That has been proven over and over.  VMI and the Citadel bastions of Confederate military provide officers for the US Army every year.  Many southerners fought for the Union and still went through reconstruction.  I guess we are right back to 1861 in that we just want to be left alone to be southern.

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