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 Posted: Thu Jan 27th, 2011 05:18 pm
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I meant that the ships were owned by northeners who continued to import slaves even after it was illegal. Certainly these slaves were delivered because there was a market in the south. My relatives from Portugal via Connecticut who came to North Carolina were involved in the slave trade as sailors and captains before coming south when the trade was reduced by law. I just meant that we all gained and we all share in the blight of slavery. I have been to John Brown's grave in New York. A small but interesting little museum in his house.

I know why Grant did this but he also knew the price. It was a good strategic move. I did my senior thesis on prisoner of war camps in the war. Andersonville is the sight of a national cemetary and the National POW Museum I do not know about now but in 1973 I seem to remember their being a marker or historical sign post only in Elmira. I as only there a short time to visit the local newspaer and library. The memorials at Andersonville were there but the whole park was much less attended to in 1973 than the last time I was there ten years ago. Perhaps the government has erected a memorial in Elmira too. I do seem to remember the deaths in Elmira being at a higher percentage than Andersonville. Maybe I can find that old paper.
At least we agree on power and money. I am frustrated because I see the abuses of the constitution during the war as the start of the fedral government becoming unchalleged and intrusive in our lives. In the end I believe the Confederacy actually hastened the demise of the federal syatem rather than strengthening it. Just an opinion.

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