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 Posted: Mon Jan 31st, 2011 07:26 pm
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I happened to be doing some research just now and came across Lincoln's General Order 100 (issued on April 24, 1863) and came across the following:

Insurrection - Civil War - Rebellion
Art. 149.
Insurrection is the rising of people in arms against their government, or a portion of it, or against one or more of its laws, or against an officer or officers of the government. It may be confined to mere armed resistance, or it may have greater ends in view.

Art. 150.
Civil war is war between two or more portions of a country or state, each contending for the mastery of the whole, and each claiming to be the legitimate government. The term is also sometimes applied to war of rebellion, when the rebellious provinces or portions of the state are contiguous to those containing the seat of government.

Art. 151.
The term rebellion is applied to an insurrection of large extent, and is usually a war between the legitimate government of a country and portions of provinces of the same who seek to throw off their allegiance to it and set up a government of their own."

While we can debate how we should interpret what to call the ACW today, to me this document suggests that the Federal Government clearly saw the war as a Rebellion in legal terms during the war itself. Hope that helps.


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