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 Posted: Sat Nov 4th, 2006 10:32 pm
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Great post !!   I have found some "gems in the rough--special, secluded CW spots" on my recent travels.  I would list Harper's Ferry, Monocacy, Ball's Bluff, South Mountain, as well as Barlow's Knoll in Gettysburg.  There have been other great "finds" along the way such as Middletown, Maryland and the spot near Thurmont, Maryland where Custer was breveted to General on the road to Gettysburg (along rt. 15).  Near there is also Catoctin Furnace where Gen. Reynolds passed by on the way to Gettysburg.  There was also a house/field hospital in Front Royal, VA, John Brown's place (where he planned the raid) the Kennedy Farm.  Fort McHenry, Baltimore, where wounded from Gettysburg were taken as well as Confederate prisoners.  I would also include the cemeteries in these areas where mass graves are--they are quite moving and I am usually the only one there.  One other spot fascinated me recently--at Gettysburg.  I was driving down West Confederate Ave and saw a small road to the right.  I hadn't noticed this spot the first 20 times I've been down that road.  Anyway, the monument there was for U.S. Sharpshooters who were there during the fighting on July 3 !!  It was the first I had heard of any Union soldiers behind enemy lines that day.  I still have to learn more about it.

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