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 Posted: Wed Feb 23rd, 2011 07:36 pm
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I think each person approaches it differently and thus each answer will be only a partial answer.
For me:
Honoring my ancestors means first of all finding out who they were, and what they did during that time period.

Were they enlisted, officers, govt officials, farmers, slaves, or slave holders, overseers or abolutionists, etc...

If soldiers, where did they fight and for whom? Did they survive intact? wounded? Killed?

Where are they buried?

Once you have a basic understanding of from whence you came, you will know how you wish to honor them. Join a Heritage group?
visit a battlefield wher ethey suffered, bled and maybe died?
Visit their homestead if still standing or their grave?
Get involved in Reeenacting? Take on their persona?
Or maybe, just lift a glass and salute their service

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