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 Posted: Thu Feb 24th, 2011 08:41 pm
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Albert Sailhorst wrote: Bama gives a great answer!!!

When reenacting, we remember our ancestors and wonder just how close we come to experiencing what they experienced (and, we understand that we can never, no matter how hard we try, ever come close to the things they felt). We apprciate the sacrafices they made.....It's kind of like Memorial Day, everytime we put on our uniform (not "costume", as the ill-educated, smart-allecky, disrespectful people would say).

When I first started reenacting, my Dad asked me what I thought my g-g-grandfather (Sgt, Co. A, 6th TN Federal Cavalry ) would say.....I responded that he would ask "Why in the world would anybody think that is fun?"

Also, my "first person" is Albert Sailhorst. He was actually Sgt. in Battery B, 1st TN Light Artillery (Bankhead's then, Scott's Battery). I honor him by doing research on him. I found out that he died of sickness in a Chattanooga Hospital. He was buried along the river, which has since flooded and washed all the graves away. In doing research on him, I feel a sympathy that he died, without family, in a hospital far from home.....was buried without mourners, and then got washed away.....his family never being with him again and never having a grave to place flowers on.....Then, remembering, there are tens of thousands of soldiers that a person could say the same thing about.

Hope this helps answer your question, and it is a GREAT question, too!!
Albert, do you know that his grave was washed away? I say that because downriver a couple of dams, I have seen numerous family plots on hillsides that were reinterred above the floodwaters for what became Pickwick lake on the tennessee... could that cemetery have been relocated somewhere?

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