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 Posted: Thu Feb 24th, 2011 09:20 pm
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hmmmmm....good question!

A few years ago, I emailed the director of the Chattanooga NPS, who told me the following:

"The number of hospitals in and about
Chattanooga before and after those time periods was far smaller. Most
Confederates who died of disease in the Chattanooga area would have done
in late 1862 or the first half or so of 1863. If this is the case, he was
probably buried in a cemetery which was then near the banks of the
Tennessee River on the northeast corner of the city. Markings on the
graves were less than permanent and the cemetery was subject to flooding.
Immediately following the war, the graves were moved to higher ground but
by then only about 700 names could any longer be read. It is not even
clear now how many graves there were. A long time Chattanooga historian
suggests that the 700 names may only be about a third of the total
The graves are today located in the Confederate Cemetery between Third and
old Fifth Streets in Chattanooga, just east of downtown, next to the old
Citizens' Cemetery and next to the campus of the University of Tennessee
Chattanooga. Sailhorst does not appear on the list of names of men known
to be buried there. However, the dates of death of those men only runs
from February, 1863, to May, 1863. If Sailhorst died in a hospital in
Chattanooga before or after that, he would almost certainly not appear on
that list. Even if he was on the list, there are no longer individual
graves identified within the cemetery. Those 700 or so names just appear
on a series of tablets placed there."

In short, I am still at a loss as to what happened to him......His war record, oddly, has him listed as dying two times!!...First in Selma, Alabama, and secondly in Chattanooga, TN!!

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