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 Posted: Sat Feb 26th, 2011 12:34 am
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Cpt. Crow, You may be surprised to find there are more reenactments than you may think!!!

For example: I live in Illinois on the Iowa border. 6 years ago, I didn't reenact. One day, just for kicks, I "Googled" "Civil War Reenacting in Quad Cities".....figuring nothing could possibly show up.....One of the first things on Google was Scott's Battery. So, I went to the website. Turns out, the Lieutenant is in Davenport, IA, 30 miles from where I live. So, I e-mailed him. Two days later, he called and said they were going to an event in Forrest City, IA that Friday, and I could go with and they'd loan me a uniform. Now, 6 years later, I am Corporal and have only missed one event! On average, we go to 8 events a year, plus a Memorial Day Service at the Confederate Cemetary on Rock Island (the site of the POW camp). We do school programs, library programs, and we've been to the 145th Gettysburg. We're going to the 150th Wilson's Creek this year, the 150th Shiloh next year, and who knows where after that!! In my wildest dreams, I NEVER thought, here in Iowa/Illinois, would there be SO many event for us to go to!!! Boy!! Was I surprised!!!

I hope you find more events to go to, and join up if ya can or if ya want!

I am VERY glad you are able to take advantage of an event in your area and am happy that you make the most of it!!!!


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