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 Posted: Tue Mar 15th, 2011 05:36 pm
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Hi, Annie...

Consider snowed-in days, when battlefield tramping is "right out," a rainy week when the field is a series of mudpits. There should be someplace to go to avoid cabin fever.

Since the casino is to be in an already existing building, and traffic patterns shouldn't become all that choking, I'll [grudgingly] go along with the casino.

I sincerely doubt there'll be scantily clad showgirls parading outside to lure passers-by into the joint. There may be an upsurge in the opening of pawn shops and check-cashing firms in The Burg.

Who knows, some of the visiting gamblers just may venture into the military park to stretch their legs, get out of all that cigarette smoke and slot-machine noise, and learn something about the battle and the niceness of Gettysburg!


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