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 Posted: Sat Apr 2nd, 2011 10:04 pm
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We try to run an easy-going board, but some rules do apply, and are enforced:

1) All members will show all other members courtesy and respect. Of course you can disagree but do it civily. When words like ignorant, stupid, etc, are used, whether directed at a member or a member's post, you'll hear about it.

2) No profanity. A hell or damn once in awhile we let go, but much more than that and you'll be warned. Part 2 of that - if you're ever warned, do not condider it an invitation to debate. I don't debate.

3) Modern politics are off-limits. Period. Don't try to sneak it in sideways or any other way.

4) More a plea than a rule - please look over the board and examine the categories and post in the right one. I know it's easy to drop everything in "Civil War Talk" since it's on top and after all, everything we post (almost) is Civil War talk.


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