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 Posted: Sat Apr 2nd, 2011 10:26 pm
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OK foks, I'm tired, so I'm done for the day. Here's what's been done:

1) Over 1,000 posts were deleted because they referred to events that are already over.

2) Geneology now has it's own category and posts

3) There is now a "Civil War Entertainment" category with posts for books, movies, music,art, etc.

4) Reenactors and Living history now has it's own category with various topics. Spread the word so it starts getting posts!

5) Many posts were pulled from "Civil War Talk" to "News/Press Releases where they should have gone.

6) The "Letters and Journals" topic was moved into the Genealogy category.

7) There is a new category called "Civil War Participants" with a list of those you talk about the most, and the "People of the War" section was added there.

8) Moved "Introductions" up to top of board so it's easier to see.

I may close it a few hours tommorow if I get any energy, but for now it's open.

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