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 Posted: Mon Apr 4th, 2011 09:19 pm
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Until Grant every time the Yanks got whipped they ran back to Washington with their tail between their legs. While they regrouped there....Lee also regrouped. They never kept the pressure on Lee full time. When Grant took over he had all Union forces on the move across the country. Which is something Lincoln had begged every one of his commanders to do. Grant was determined in 1864 to hound Lee and keep the pressure on and pin him down. It was the only way Lee could be defeated. There wasn't any nice way of going about it except through brute force. The Wilderness and Spotsylvania bled Lee badly of irreplacable losses. Like I said....McClellan was great at organizing and even planning....but he wilted under pressure. IMO, I just don't think he would have pulled off Grant's 1864 offensive and eventual victory.

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