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 Posted: Wed Apr 6th, 2011 01:54 pm
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9Bama wrote:Secondly, there were many reasons, on both sides, why the war was fought, but underlying every one of them was the issue of slavery. It literally was the bedrock reason for the sectionalism that comsumed[sic] the country from at least 1832, others say from the literal founding of the country. It was behind the secession movement and while Lincoln initially stated the war was to save the union, after the emancipation proclamation, it became a war to end slavery

Well at least you admit that Lincoln started the war.

If, as you say, it "became a war to end slavery" the fact is that, it became a war to end slavery only in the South. Like I said, and you didn't elaborate on, the truth is that the North/Union states still had slavery after the war.

Slavery was legal, protected by the US Constitution, and supported by a recent US Supreme Court decision, Dred Scott v. Sandford, (1857).

The South was merely protecting their guaranteed Constitutional liberties.

Why would the South want to give up slavery? They had made BILLIONS of dollars from cotton, tobacco, sugar, and rice.

The North simply could not compete with this. But that was because of climate, not morality.

Why didn't the North free their slaves before they invaded the South?

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