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 Posted: Thu Apr 7th, 2011 02:08 pm
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You admit the south made billions on cotton, tobbacco, sugar and rice. These were highly intensive agricultural practices which with the technology of the 19th century required a large labor force (slaves). Tobbacco and cotton in particular deplete the soil unless crop rotation and soil fertilization are practiced. Those practices were not utilized by most of the large planters.  Therefore the need for relocation to more fertile soil to raise the same soil depleting crops was necessary. Humans are creatures of habit. When Lincoln made it clear that his administration would opose admission of slave states it was clear that the new territories would probably not be available for the standard practices of agriculture as was practiced.

Also the southern land owners tended to reinvest in more slaves and ground  to produce more raw materials, rather than in processing and manufacturing operations to have a product ready for retail distribution. One again humans are creatures of habit. Their parents and several generations before had lived using that system why shoud they think it would not continue?   

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