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 Posted: Thu Apr 7th, 2011 03:39 pm
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Natty wrote: j harold 587, "why should they think it {slavery} would not continue"?

They should think that it would continue, since Lincoln had said he would not interfere with slavery where it already existed, and he said he had no right to do so.

And like I stated in my post, the US Supreme Court also supported slavery.

As for Lincoln making it "clear that his administration would oppose admission of slave states"...

Lincoln made West Virginia a new state and it was OK for them to keep slavery.

Obviously, as for both cases listed here, 'Honest Abe' was a liar.
Do you still use a typewriter? a transistor radio? whiteout? do you have "rabbit ears" on your TV? The point is that at one time, each of these was an every day accepted technology and tool. today, I imagine there are thousands of people who have no idea what they are or why they were important. Life changed and so did views of slavery. there was plenty of advance warning that as brother Dylon observed a shile back "The Times, they Are-A-Changin" Southerners in general and slaveholders in particular did not heed these warnings. Yes the Supreme court and Lincoln did the things you state, but the times were changin, 2 years of war helped to change them and opinions changed with the times. Lincoln had lots of faults, and Ifind it somewhat amusing that I am defending him, but as the war dragged on, he searched for a way to get an edge and found it. As a master politician, he used that advantage, and once used the times would not allow a reversal. You cannot unring a bell.On the surface things look one way, but if you study in depth, they often reveal themselves in far different ways. That was why I suggested you continue reading. Your arguments right now are surface arguments and need depth.

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