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 Posted: Fri Apr 8th, 2011 12:07 am
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  If you're still reading out there, I wish to tell you that everything you've said here about slavery is true.

  I will amplify on the posting about General Grant being a slave owner. Grant married into a slave holding family. Julia Dent Grant's parents, Colonel Frederick Dent and his wife Ellen Wrenshall, were both pro slavery and pro south. General Grant's parents were not.

  Colonel Dent made some of his slaves available to Julia as servants. The only slave actually owned by Grant was one William Jones. Grant freed Jones in March of 1859. This was obviously before General Grant became General Grant. At that time, Grant could have used the money that he could have gotten by selling Jones, but he passed that up. Grant was certainly not enamored of the institution of slavery.

  Having said that I agree with your postings on slavery and also on the right of secession, I must also say that your method of advancing your ideas leaves much to be desired. Making posting after posting, carrying on a conversation with yourself won't impress anyone, except with the degree of your immaturity. Even those of us who agree with much that you've said can only wince as we watch you antagonize people on this board.

  Ideas can be put forward with enthusiasm without the need to be bellicose or inflammatory. Having a confrontational attitude won't make others accept your ideas and might well have the opposite effect. Acting as a provocateur only serves to enrage those who oppose you and put off those who might otherwise have been on your side.

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