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 Posted: Fri Apr 8th, 2011 04:08 am
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Texas Defender wrote: Mark-

  In 1869, President Grant appointed General Longstreet surveyor of customs in New Orleans. The Louisiana governor soon appointed Longstreet adjutant general of the state militia. Eventually he commanded all militia and state police forces in New Orleans.

  On 14 September 1874, there was a riot begun  by white supremicists seeking to depose the republican governor. They were resisted by General Longstreet along with police forces and black militia troops. Longstreet's force was overrun and federal troops had to be called in to restore order.

Race Riots

  The following year, General Longstreet and his family moved to Georgia. Years later, he was appointed US Minister to Turkey, US Marshal in Gainesville, GA, and US Railroad Commissioner.


Going by memory here, but wasn't Longstreet captured and held ofr ransom or something of that nature...memory is dim, but something striking happened during this incident IIRC

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