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 Posted: Fri Apr 8th, 2011 05:07 pm
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You are correct, the trees are all consuming. To look at a battery placed as it was during the battle/siege and see that a dense forrest is only 20 yards away from the muzzles leaves one in confusion. The prioblem is one of erosion. The soil type is I believe a volcanic dust that will not erode when cut vertically, but will erode badly from bare ground. The trees were planted in an attempt to control erosion. Now the NPS doesn't know what to do about the problem. When planted, they were saplings and were pretty and did control erosion. They grew up!
I have discussed that very issue with the park folks and they are as concerned as we are, but are afraid to create a bigger problem if they wholesale cut the forrests. Of course, they could always plant Kudzu :) too awful to even dwell on...

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