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 Posted: Fri Apr 8th, 2011 05:36 pm
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Bama, I'm going to guess that we spoke our concerns to the same people, because the response is very familiar. I absolutely understand the erosion problem, and if I had a voice back in the 1930's, I probably would have agreed that saplings were the best way to control the problem. However, they now know (at least according to conversations with the historian), that saplings were not the best solution. I was told that they have now learned that water runs along the roots of the trees and creates a different kind of erosion issue. They now believe grass to be the best erosion solution and have actually proven this in an area in the south loop. It is now environmentalists and residents of Vicksburg (people that have never seen the battlefield without trees) that will not budge on restoration. I would not, and am thankful, the park never considered kudzu.

One more complaint, and then I would be happy to talk about the "awe" of this battlefield. There are two monuments, thanks to the construction of I-20 and our friends at Wal-Mart that are totally unaccessible. They are the 26th Indiana Infantry and the 19th, 20th, 34th, and 38th Iowa Infantry monuments. The interstate cuts off access from the north, and the city allowed the scraping off the south side of a ridge for the construction of the "Superstore". Only cliff climbing skills or a helicopter could get you to these monuments. Unbelievable and very frustrating.

I would like to say, through all this complaining, that this really is an awesome place to spend time. My frustrations really were only a small part of the trip. I came home exhausted and much more knowledgeable about this battle and siege.

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