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 Posted: Sun Apr 10th, 2011 01:55 am
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And as irony would have it - I was in Vicksburg for Park Days and part of what the volunteers did was plant trees. Go figure.

As bama and probably others can attest, Vicksburg is a different type of CW National Park. At Gettysburg, Shiloh, Antietam (because of the new trails), Chickamauga, etc., visitors are allowed and encouraged to get off the beaten path. Because of the fire ants, poisonous snakes, and God knows what else, it is strongly advised that visitors stay on the main roads in Vicksburg. It is near impossible to stray to get a better feel of the land.

In just about every other instance, I would argue just as strongly if not more to keep the trees. They are beautiful. I would not even argue that the battlefield be fully restored. I just think that because of the way the battlefield is, the trees on the interior of the park road loops should be removed.

It is a battlefield. As I was walking along the roads I was thinking that I probably couldn't walk more than five steps without walking on a spot where a soldier gave the ultimate for their cause. I also wondered how many people that were simply using the battlefield roads for exercise and recreation would have the same thoughts. I would bet not many.

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