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 Posted: Wed Apr 13th, 2011 01:35 pm
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Thanks for the post Captain. The concept that the re-enactors are all that is left is in many ways correct. The Domino's pizza at Franklin has been removed however it is a point well taken. I also feel that in the need to balance the national budget private financing will have to cover preservation and restoration costs that the NPS will not have funds for. So we will see more or higher fees for museaums, parking ect.

However Indiana state parks are self supporting, so they could be a start point for other parks. They charge a fee about $5.00 to use the park $3.00 for In. residents. If you are camping there you get a pass for the length of your stay. The NPS has a program where you buy a year pass that gets you into fee areas at no cost.  Perhaps more partnerships like the Gettysburg foundation will come. It is far from perfect, but membership includes admission to the museum, and they still encourage volunteer participation in many areas of preservation at that park.

Civil War sites are my pet goose, if we are going to balance the federal budget we (US) will all have to put more care into our personal goose.      

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