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 Posted: Tue Nov 7th, 2006 08:01 pm
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Hi, Fuller, you raised a good question.  It amuses me that the 2nd South Carolina String Bean is based in Gettysburg.

I love the 97th Regimental String Band.  In Feb 2006 I called their phone number in Florida to ask if they were giving any performances in my area, Northern Virginia.  A man answered by saying "Happy Birthday, Anheuser Busch."

OMG, I got a wrong number with a nutty recorded message.  Then he said it again and laughed.  Whew, he was live and real.  He said it was an important date in American history, but all I could answer was that I'd never thought of it like that before.  He was Rick Moock, the bassist.  No public performances, but he gave me the number of a person to call about a private performance in Gettysburg in June 2006.

I ended up going to the Gettysburg muster, and saw the band in person.  I asked them to autograph a piece of paper to tape inside one of the CD cases.  None of us had any paper, but we found a large bookmark.  They scribbled their names on the back, and now I proudly have an autographed CD.  That was where I met some of the people in this site: Basecat, Marie, Jimtno, and JD Petruzzi (danced with JD, if he remembers).

Of their 7 CDs, my favorites are:

"Goober Peas" and "Marching through Georgia" on vol. 1

"The Mermaid" on vol. 3.

"All Quiet along the Potomac Tonight" and "Good Ol' Rebel Soldier" on vol. 4.

Some of you may recognize that a fragment of "The Mermaid" was in "Andersonville," in the scene where the Raiders are whooping it up after their successful attack on the fresh fish from Massachusetts.

I love the mandolin work of the 97th Regimental.  Lovely singing tone, the mandolin.

I have only vol. 1 of the Camp Chase Fife & Drums.  Have they released any more?

Of movie soundtracks, I have "Gettysbeard," as the actors called it.  The music expresses perfectly the action and moods.

And Basecat, I have David Kincaid singing "Paddy's Lamentation" on a DVD in the "Civil War Minutes" series.  But I don't speak Irish and can't understand a word.  It must be a good tune, because the 97th Regimental sings it on vol. 7.


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