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 Posted: Fri Apr 22nd, 2011 01:47 am
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I'm curious as to the reason for the question... but according to the 1865 Customs of Service for the US Army a Lieutenant on a general staff might be called on to preform any of the following duties: Adjutant general (in charge of all the administrative paperwork), Inspector general (inspect and report on the readiness of the subordinate units), Aid-de-Camp (transmit orders and preform any other special tasks required by the general), Quartermaster (responsible for all matters regarding money and unit property), Commissary (responsible for all matters regarding food), Engineer (responsible for surveying terrain and advising the General on the effect of terrain on his operations), Judge Advocate (advises the commander on judicial matters), Ordinance (responsible for all matters regarding weapons and ammunition), Mustering officer (generally a temporary duty where the officer was responsible for ensuring that the muster rolls forwarded to the federal government from the state were an accurate representation of the actual soldiers present for duty), Provost marshall (responsible for all prisoners, enemy or otherwise).
I expect that at a brigade level staff officers were pulled from line regiments to fill these posts. If the commander went on leave he would probably usually bring his aid-de-camp with him, but the rest of the staff would be needed to run the brigade. I hope that helps.


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