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 Posted: Fri Apr 29th, 2011 02:41 pm
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Too close for comfort, but compared to the folks in MS, AL and GA, we consider ourselves lucky.

Closest funnel cloud was about 5 miles from us. We got our share of large hail, winds that hit 80 MPH, and rain that seemed like it would never stop (they're saying 12 inches in the 3 days but we measured over 15). I guess the worst part of it was going through it in the dark. A little unnerving. So we lost a shed and two trees (one of which is blocking our driveway) so I guess that's not bad compared to others. Will have to get on the roof today and check for damage and debris, then get the chainsaw out to take care of the trees.

Our thoughts of course are on those just south of us in bordering states. Absolute devastation there.

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