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 Posted: Wed May 4th, 2011 12:50 am
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javal1 wrote: Get off the Nazi/Gestapo/Hitler theme. It's old. it's tired  and it's hyperbole to the extreme. Understand something - you won't get thrown off this board for being a Southern sympathizer (just ask any of those who have been here for years and not been banned). But if you ever come as close as you just did to comparing myself or my wife (who wrote the This Day headlines) to Nazi ideals, you're ass is gone.

Yeah, get off of the "Godwin's Law" theme, it's tired and it's dishonest when the argumen it's on-point like here.

I demand that you either show me where I supposedly compared anything to Nazi ideals, or you're (sic) ass is gone, in terms of being just another Lincoln-shrine that suppresses all dissension and truth.

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